Lyon International Competition
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21 March 2015 / Cité Internationale / Lyon / France


Lyon is recognised as the capital of gastronomy and good taste, and so it was only natural that the city should be a showcase for the world’s best wines.
The Concours International de Lyon has a reputation in keeping with its prestigious partners: Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, the Association des Sommeliers de Rhône Alpes, Metro, and Global Wine and Spirits. The enthusiasm for this competition is widespread.

In 2014, some 3,685 samples from 22 countries were tasted, and millions of bottles won medals.


Le Concours de Lyon est aussi sur Twitter !

C'est avec une réelle volonté de créer une communauté de passionnés du vin du monde entier que le compte du Concours de Lyon a été créé. Vous...

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Le Concours International de Lyon s'offre une certification ISO 9001 pour ses 5 ans !

Le Concours International de Lyon a fêté ses 5 ans en se faisant certifier ISO 9001 par le biais d’ARMONIA, société organisatrice. En mettant à...


Les Toques Blanches

Toque blanche means «chef’s hat», and this is the name of an association of great chefs from Lyon who are also jury members at the competition.

Association sommelier lyonnais

The ASLERA (Association of Sommeliers from Lyon and Rhône–Alpes) brings to the competition its active support. Many sommeliers are present the day of the wine tasting. Their expertise and their perfect knowledge of consumer tastes is a further guarantee of the quality of the wine selection.

Global Wine & Spirits

The leading international e-commerce network that has helped thousands of wine producers connect with qualified buyers around the world. GWS is a subsidiary of the SAQ, monopoly of Quebec.