Taster training

Training in tasting and marking wines: it's sometimes necessary!

Once registered and accepted, tasters are offered training.
The main goal of the training session is to learn how to mark samples. This sometimes requires a bit of practice. At the training session everyone has an opportunity to become familiar with the marking scale that will be used on the day of the tasting.
Both professionals and amateurs can sign up to practice marking samples at a competition.
During the training session each step in the tasting process is examined in detail (visual, olfactory and gustative qualities along with overall harmony) as well as the technical terms used to express sensorial perceptions.
At the end of the session several samples are tasted under the same conditions as in a competition, using the marking scale.
To make marking more homogeneous, a 100-point scale is used to assess each aspect of a product before calculating its final mark. Tasters receive a copy of the marking scale so they can familiarise themselves with it before the tasting.

Where to get training

For french tasters this training is provided by Laurent Turrel, who has been giving courses in tasting at Nunc Est Bibendum for the past ten years.
To participate you need only register as a taster. Once your registration has been validated, you will automatically receive an invitation to participate in a training session.

Our training sessions take place in Lyon. If you are far from this city, we recommend L’école du Vin, which also provides courses in Paris.

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