Country : France
Region : Rhône-Alpes
Department : Rhône

Population : 513 275 hab. (2015)
Density : 9 866 hab./km²
Urban area : 1 748 271 hab.
Inhabitants : Lyonnais, Lyonnaise
Website :www.lyon.fr

5° 45' 35 Nord
4° 50' 32 Est
Minimum altitudes 162 m — maxi. 305 m
Area : 47,87 km²
Lyon, capitale du goût, accueille le Concours

Lyon, the perfect gourmets’ city !

Lyon is known for its gastronomy. Curnonsky, in his book "Principe des gastronomes", named Lyon "the World Capital of Gastronomy".
Lyon is home to many world renowned chefs such as Paul Bocuse, Eugénie Brazier (who is one of the first women in this male dominated profession) and Georges Blanc, (who has a restaurant in Vonnas, in the Ain, as well as one in Lyon). You can taste the rich local cooking in the Lyon restaurants, about twenty of which are certified as traditional 'Bouchons' concentrated mainly in the lanes of old-town Lyon and La Mercière street on the peninsula.
Among the typical dishes, a typical menu would be: as a starter a 'salade lyonnaise', the 'tablier de sapeur', 'grattons', the 'rosette de Lyon', the 'saucisson à cuire' or 'saucisson brioche' or even the 'jésus'. As a main dish the 'quenelles de brochet', 'pommes dauphines', 'andouillette', 'poulet Célestine' or even 'gratin de cardons'. As a desert the 'pogne', 'tarte à la praline' or 'confiseries' such as the 'coussins de pâte d'amande', 'bugnes' (sort of donuts eaten around February for Mardi-gras) or 'papillotes' (Christmas sweets). Nor should you miss the selection of famous French cheeses: Saint-Marcellin (cheese from the Isère), Saint-Félicien (cheese from the Dauphiné region), Le Mont-d'Or, or the 'Cervelle de canut'.
Lyon is located at the centre of the famous Beaujolais and Côtes du Rhône wine regions, known for their numerous AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlee).

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