In 10 years, more than 34,000 wines have been tasted, judged and marked

21 March 2020

A constant increase in the number of samples presented demonstrates the confidence participants have in these distinctions. The competition has become well-known in France and abroad as a guarantee of quality.
The competition follows strict rules concerning its organisation, optimal storage conditions, wine classification based on numerous criteria (designation, vintage, grape varieties, etc.), blind tasting, verification of the tasters selected, a 100-point marking scale based on the OIV (International organisation of vine and wine) model, etc.
In addition, each year the Sommellerie Trophy is awarded to students who have chosen sommellerie as a specialty.


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Professionals in the field guarantee conformity of the sample, while enlightened amateurs represent consumer tastes.


I have participated in the Lyon International Competition for many years. For me, what always comes to mind is the quality of the organisation and the rigorousness of the tasting. I think the medals awarded by this competition have real meaning. As a sommelier-wine merchant, the tasting is also an opportunity for me to discover new wines, broaden my knowledge and find new wines to add to my list.


Wine merchant - Metro

I participate in the Lyon International Competition as a sommelier because it’s a great opportunity to taste a lot of samples, and also to compare my own opinion with consumers’ assessments. The Competition is increasingly popular: I see more and more people marking the date on their calendars. Besides, the tasting is very enjoyable and I find it well organised.


Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommellerie 2007, Master of Port 2010
Maître Sommelier de l’UDSF

As a wine professional?oenologist for more than thirty years and a winemaker as well I focus mainly on the wine growers' work and know-how, steering consumers in their purchases, and above all sharing all the pleasure that a wine can bring. Being a taster at the Lyon International Competition gives me an opportunity to select the ‘best’ wines, in terms of typicity and quality, so that consumers are never disappointed with a wine that carries the Competition’s medal.



An incredible orchestra of tasters: that is what you see when you first enter the immense hall where the Lyon International Competition is held.
Each glass, each masked bottle, each spittoon is in its place, perfectly tuned and coordinated. All is precise, harmonious. When the symphony begins, there are no wrong notes, false starts or noise. The atmosphere is professional and the rythm just right: jurors concentrate on their tasting, glasses are tilted and turned, each person focuses on their own sensorial music score. One after the other, samples are methodically analysed and understood by the eye, nose and mouth, for each comment, each description, each mark. Respect for the product is always at the heart of this symphony of international taste buds. Sometimes all the jurors feel the same emotion at the same time; it’s a magic moment when time stands still and communication is spontaneous.
Only a few wines, sparkling wines, beers and spirits will be awarded medals in their categories.
It’s a wonderful experience for a taster and I highly recommend it.

Laurent BAUBY