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23 March 2019 / Cité Internationale / Lyon / France

The Lyon International Competition

Lyon is recognised as the capital of gastronomy and good taste, and so it was only natural that the city should be a showcase for the world’s best wines, and since 2015 the selection of the best beers, and spirits
The Concours International de Lyon has a reputation in keeping with its prestigious partners: Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, the Association des Sommeliers de Rhône Alpes, Metro, and Global Wine and Spirits. The enthusiasm for this competition is widespread.

In 2018, some 6860 samples from 36 countries were tasted, and millions of bottles won medals.
International tasters from all sectors (oenologists, sommeliers, restaurateurs, producers, wine shop owners, as well as knowledgeable consumers) have made this competition an important event on their agenda. The position of honorary president alternates between a well-known sommelier and a chef from Lyon.

Le Jury sélectionne les meilleurs vins mondiaux Lyon International Competition

Influential, committed partners

After the tasting, the competition's partners will assist in promoting the results.

ASLERAAssociation des Sommeliers Lyonnais

The ASLERA (Association of Sommeliers from Lyon and Rhône–Alpes) brings to the competition its active support. Many sommeliers are present the day of the wine tasting. Their expertise and their perfect knowledge of consumer tastes is a further guarantee of the quality of the wine selection.

Global Wine & SpiritGlobal Wine & Spirits

The leading international e-commerce network that has helped thousands of wine producers connect with qualified buyers around the world. GWS is a subsidiary of the SAQ, monopoly of Quebec.

Mon VitiMon Viti

Viti is a printed and digital magazine devoted to the winegrowing sector. The magazine, website ( and social networks run by the brand are led by a team of journalists based in the heart of the vineyards.

Toques BlanchesLes Toques Blanches

Toque blanche means «chef’s hat», and this is the name of an association of great chefs from Lyon who are also jury members at the competition.


Created in 2000, Vitisphere SA publish and lead information, invitation to connect and web services websites, dedicated to every wine professionals :,,,

Arts & GastronomieArts et Gastronomie

Great places to go, interesting articles, shopping suggestions, chefs’ recipes... each season, Arts & Gastronomie magazine brings you the best of the Rhône-Alpes region.

Ville de Lyon Metro 1001 dégustations Micro cell Only Lyon Ice bag Bel air Wine Trotter  Partners

Communication on all fronts

The competition does not stop with the tasting.
The ultimate aim is to promote award-winning products.

Mainstream print media: Publications in several French news magazines – Le Point, Télé 7 jours, and Elle à table.
Specialised print media: Publications in "La Vigne", "Rayon Boissons".
International press: 3 500 journalists are informed of the results as soon as they are published (mainstream journalists, wine writers and critics, magazines and newspapers, etc.)
Buyers: 6 400 receive the list of award winners, as do wine bars, supermarket buyers, sommeliers associations, etc.
Export: 5 200 agents and importers also receive the results.
Distribution networks: The information is sent to various emanations of the wine industry such as professional associations, winegrowers associations, cooperatives, etc.
The Internet: The competition has partnership agreements with influential wine websites, tasting clubs, blogs, etc.

Famous honorary presidents

The honorary president role's every year is to promote the competition via the media and to members of his profession.

Recent presidents
2019 Laurent Derhé - Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommelier (Best Sommelier in France) 2007
President of the Association des Sommeliers Lyonnais et Rhône-Alpes
2018 Tsuyoshi Arai - Japanese chef at ‘Le 14 février’, a Lyon restaurant with 1 Michelin star
2017 Gaëtan Bouvier - Best Sommelier in France 2016
Head Sommelier at the Villa Florentine - 1 Michelin star
2016 Christophe Marguin - Chef at Marguin restaurant President of Toques Blanches Lyonnaises
2015 Denis Verneau - Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommellerie (Best Sommelier in France) 2015 Head sommelier at ‘Mère Brazier’ a restaurant with 2 Michelin stars
2014 Christophe Roure - Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommellerie (Best Sommelier in France) 2007 2 Michelin stars - Le 9ème Art restaurant in Lyon
2013 Mathieu Vial - Head sommelier for Paul Bocuse at the Auberge de Collonges in the Monts d’Or area near Lyon
2012 Laurent Bouvier - President of Toques Blanches Lyonnaises in 2012 Chef in Lyon
2011 Fabrice Sommier - Best Sommelier in France 2007 Master of Port 2011 President of the Association des Sommeliers Lyonnais from 2008 to 2014
2010 Grégory Cuilleron - Chef and television reporter for culinary programmes


Les présidents d'honneur de renom

for a reasonable price

The competition awards two distinctions: Gold and Silver medals.
In light of the competition's reputation, bottles displaying these medals are shipped around the world and are very much in demand from restaurateurs, buyers and importers.
Furthermore, the cost of obtaining such medals is very competitive in order to keep cost price increases to a strict minimum.
Starting at 14 euros per thousand.

Médailles OR et ARGENT du Concours international des vins

Metal plates :
be proud of your awards

Metal plaques are wonderful marketing tools, enabling you to show consumers that your products have won medals and that they are recognized as among the best in their categories.
Put them on the tasting room wall and display them on your stand at trade fairs!

Metal plates 2018 stand Metal plates 2018


Only medals from wine competitions on the DGCCRF’s list can be shown on wine labels. The Lyon International Competition is on this list.

 Rules & regulations

An ISO 9001 certified organisation

An ISO 9001 certified organisation

The competition is run by Armonia, which also organises the prestigious Lyon International Competition, the International Gamay Competition (with Inter Beaujolais) and the ‘Un vin presque parfait’ with M6 television). Armonia is ISO 9001 certified and monitored by an external auditor. The company follows quality procedures in order to guarantee precise technical management for producers and rigorous selection for the consumers.

Wine tasters

Sélection des dégustateurs

The Concours International de Lyon pays careful attention in choosing tasting jury members. Every applicant is screened to make sure of his abilities to taste. If these are not fully satisfactory, training classes are provided. Do you want to see how the competition works?
Register as jury member on

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Professional registration

Inscrivez vos vins au Concours ! Registration by internet

Internet registration's advantages:

  • Payment by credit card, cheque, or bank transfer
  • Extended deadline to send the samples
  • Quick registration

Registration by post

To submit your samples you must fill in the forms.
The forms must be sent with samples to the address that is indicated on them.

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