The Lyon International Competition

21 March 2020

Lyon, the capital of French gastronomy, is home to the International Wine, Beer and Spirits Competition.

Each year, with the support of renowned partners such as the Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, the Association des Sommeliers Lyonnais et Rhône Alpes and Metro, the competition tastes thousands of bottles from numerous countries and brings to light the world’s best wines, beers and spirits.

In 2019, the competition organised the tasting of 7645 samples from 40 countries. Since its creation the competition has showcased millions of bottles with its famous medals.

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Sommellerie Trophy for 2019: Congratulations to the winners!

On Saturday, 23 March, the Sommellerie Trophy for 2019 was presented to the award-winners:

Eva Bouchet & Andréane Fondimare
who wrote a complete report on the wines of Serbia and presented it to a jury.

Along with the trophy, they received a €1000 check to use for a trip to discover Serbian wines.



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Well organised, down to the finest details, and optimal tasting conditions.

Because the purpose of the competition is to taste samples and award medals to the best.

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